Holmes Cycling and Moda go back along way. Dave williams, a legend of the northwest racing scene. Former distributor for Kuota, Recently accquired the Moda brand and transformed into something new. 

From the very beginning Roy and Dave have raced together all over the north west and even when I started I would often ride over to train with Dave and his group around the flats of merseyside and the hills of the penines. Back when I was under 12 dave would even give me a push down the Rainford bypass on the chaingang. 

Moda is no giant of the cycling industry but it is a group of good people doing good things. That is why we are thrilled to team up with them right from the start to help push their brand into the spotlight and help them grow through association with Holmes Cycling.


Why Moda
  • UK Designed Since our very first range of just 10 bikes back in 2009, the basic core principles of Moda haven’t changed – offer a range of high quality bicycles designed, tested and assembled in the UK.

    Nearly six years on and those principles are the same now as they were then. Every model in our range is crafted by a small but more importantly passionate team of cyclists, with more years collective cycle industry experience than we would like to admit. Using this experience we work tirelessly developing bicycles that ultimately offer the best possible riding experience – whether that be for the weekend enthusiast or competitive cyclist.

  • UK Tested Being a Lancashire based company we have a fantastic testing ground right on our doorstep. This real world testing provides us with crucial developmental information so that we know our bikes do what we claim long before they make it into the range.

    As well as our own test riders we work with and support many UK and International athletes competing at the very highest levels around the world. This input from our riders is invaluable in helping us to refine and improve each model.

  • UK Assembled Assembling each and every bike here in the UK was and still is one of the core principles of our brand.
    We have a dedicated and professional in house team of highly qualified mechanics that have spent many hours servicing and building not only consumer bikes in workshops up and down the country but who have worked in and alongside some of the highest profile race teams on the calendar. This cumulative experience means that we are confident that the bike you purchase gives you the best riding experience from day one.

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