Personal coaching


Monitoring Progress

We use Training Peaks online diary software to support every stage of our coaching. This provides us with powerful tools for planning, tracking and analysis. In addition, we use Training Peaks to provide you with feedback after your workouts. Once set, you can simply download the details of your workout onto compatible devices such as your Garmin or into your virtual training software, ie. Zwift or Trainer Road, and start training!

In addition to Training Peaks online diary software, we also use WKO5 to analyse your training in even greater detail. This software helps pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses, as well as tracking changes in your fitness.

Our training plans cost £150-£250 per month depending on level of input to your training.  There is no minimum contract and no signup fee.  You simply pay month by month for as long as you feel you are getting what you want out of your coaching.

Each plan is bespoke and specific to our riders, with the understanding that everyone is different.

Professional Support

We have seen the sport from grass roots right to the top step of the World Tour podium. We know what to expect from a coach at the highest level and what it takes to perform for your target events.



Enjoy The Best Experience with Us

We know the sport inside and out. From the very bottom to the Top of the world tour. If you are looking for advice on any aspect then dont hesitate to get in touch.

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