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Gary Rowing-Parker

Gary Rowing-Parker

Discipline: Cyclocross / Road

“I’m now beating guys I used to consider uncatchable”

As soon as I found out that Roy was setting up a coaching business, I wanted to be one of his first customers. I’d been getting great advice from him for years, and I knew that he would make me a better rider. And that is how it has turned out.

I am at the stage in my life when just maintaining my performance year after year counts as success, but this season, as I entered the Vet 60+ category, I’ve actually got faster. I’m now beating guys in the Vet 50+ category who I used to consider uncatchable.

My favourite cycling discipline is cyclocross. At the end of the 2018/19 season, I find myself ranked 15th nationally, which is very satisfying, and way beyond my expectation. I’ve been riding a full cyclocross season for nearly ten years. During that time I’ve read as much as I could about fitness and performance, and tried to apply it to myself with proper training plans. I am myself a British Cycling Level 2 Cyclocross coach. I’ve also trained really hard – spending many hours in the saddle. But I’ve struggled to get anywhere near the top-10 in my category, and I’ve never had a national ranking.

Signing-up with Holmes Cycling has made all the difference. The training plan is so much better than the one I set for myself: more specific, targeted and varied. But it goes far beyond that. Having someone who knows what it takes to win looking over my shoulder – responding to results and adjusting the plan in response – is invaluable. It is also very motivating. I would recommend any cyclist who wants to improve their performance (at whatever stage they are in their career) to Holmes Cycling.


Guy Jones

Discipline: Road

“Working with Holmes Cycling has taken my riding to a new level”

I have been coached by Holmes cycling for the past 2 years-ish and it has by far been the best upgrade to my cycling. You can buy faster wheels or a better frame, but working with Holmes cycling has taken my riding to a new level.

Each day I know exactly what training session I have got to do, it is set out in a very easy to follow way and with the daily feedback I know exactly how I am getting on. I really couldn’t recommend Holmes cycling enough to anyone wanting to improve their cycling.

Dave Reece

Dave Reece

Discipline: Road Racing

“Great coach and great friend…”

Roy has been coaching me now for about 18 months. I have known him for some time now as he lives local to me. At first I was slightly hesitant about being coached as I’d had no experience previously and I didn’t really understand it. But now, 18 months down the line, I’d say I’m slightly addicted and wouldn’t really know what to do if the sessions Roy sets me weren’t there.

There’s a lot of controversy around coaches as to what you get, but Roy has had vast experience in racing so he knows himself what it’s like to race and how hard it can be. Being so local to me, just a 6 mile ride away, I find myself at his house every week looking at what plans he’s set, where the improvements are to be made, down to each individual second.

I think the best thing about having Roy as a coach is that he’s also a great friend, you can call him multiples times per day and he’ll always answer, he always finds time to fit you in. There’s no limit to contact.

On the training side of things you hear “copy and paste” in coaching. I can guarantee you this doesn’t happen with Roy. Each plan is individual to each rider’s needs. The improvements I’ve made are quite astonishing really compared to when I started. He gives me confidence and motivation and he’s never off my back to upload my training, (I’m really bad at that), so then he’s able to amend and update future training.

I’d highly recommend Roy to anyone who wants to improve or has a set goal. Great coach and great friend.

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