We do not have complex multiplan options with different rules on when or how you can contact us based on how much you are paying.  Instead our coaching pricing is based on your individual needs to ensure everyone gets the same level of high quality personal service.  We simply do what we feel is needed to help you along your way towards your goals.


The best way to measure your training efforts is to use some type of power meter as we feel this is the most effective way to achieve your maximum potential and to make best use of your available time to train.   Alternatively, using a heart rate monitor will also help make your training efforts more effective but even if you ride purely on "feel" we will still be able to help you get stronger and faster.


If you don't already own a power meter and would like to look into buying or even renting one, we can offer discounted prices through our partners at  Give us a call we can provide you with a quote.


Our plans start at just £95 per month so why not give us a call so we can discuss your needs and come up with a price to match both your budget and your personal goals.



  • Initial consultation to help you identify and set realistic goals and for you to understand how we work.
  • Overseeing initial fitness testing to set training zones based on Heart Rate or Power.
  • Training Peaks Premium Account used to set and log your training sessions and to provide ongoing feedback.
  • Holmes Cycling designed workouts emailed directly to you each day so you always know what's planned.
  • Specific workouts for indoor sessions through virtual training software such as Zwift/Trainer Road/Sufferfest/etc.
  • Ongoing analysis of your workouts using advanced WKO4 software from Training Peaks to provide detailed feedback.
  • Ongoing changes to planned sessions to accommodate the unexpected things life throws at you.
  • Feedback via phone/email/message and monthly review of progress towards goals.
  • Unlimited contact via email, SMS, What'sApp, or a simple phone call.
  • Contact us anytime you need advice - we will always try to respond the same day.
  • Advice on events such as Sportives, Time Trails, Road Racing
  • Entering a race and tactics to use your strengths to best effect.
  • Advice on equipment and maintenance so your bike does not let you down for your target event.
  • Accompanied rides where possible - subject to location and coach availability.
  • Discounts on products from our Partners.

We do not have any contract tie in and you simply pay month by month.  We do expect some commitment from you by providing us with regular feedback after you have completed the training sessions.  This is a vital element of the coaching process. The more feedback we receive the more efficient and effective our coaching will be in enabling you to reach your goals.

     07973 795 539